GMCEO 2020-September-1 National Theatre

Prof. Sunday E. Ododo

  • General Manager/CEO
  • The National Theatre
  • Nigeria
  • A ‘scholar artist’.
  • Professor of Performance Aesthetics and Theatre Technology

I’ll Elevate Nation’s Cultural Pride To World Map

I am very happy to be in this building of historical importance.  I want to begin to say that God is the author of time.  It pleased him that this moment he appoints my humble self to head direction in National Theatre.  When in 1985 I had a rear privilege to appear on National Theatre stage to perform under the open theatre programme of the National Theatre.  I had never known that one day it will be my lot to direct the affairs of this magnificent monument of historical importance.

Indeed, when many of my friends, colleagues, well-wishers said to me welcome back home, my mind went back to that historical period.  I have come and it is my prayer and wish that I will see clearly and that I will also conquer.  With God helping me and with you hardworking Directors and Staff cooperating with us with our vision for the National Theatre, I have confidence that I will change the narrative of the National Theatre.

I am an optimist, I like to look beyond the immediate challenges; of course challenges are meant for men to conquer, working together as one family, we will emerge victorious, we will be conquerors.

Please this is a new beginning.  I am not part of your story before this arrival so let us begin to write our new story of excitement of success, of development of good thing in National Theatre on the world map of successful National Theatre in the world.

I don’t have much to say today because this job, this assignment is not for me alone.  I am essentially to give direction.  By the time I seat with you the Management, together we would fashion the road map that will take us out of the woods.  I am open to objective and workable ideas.  One tree does not make a forest, so let us create this orchard of beautiful flowers with our different knowledge, experiences, contributions.  A leader is as strong as his followers.  Please follow me genuinely with open heart on this journey of our decision of National Theatre of our dream.

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Professor Sunday Enessi Ododo is a member of bodies including the National Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners (NANTAP), Reading Association of Nigeria (RAN) and Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA). He was ANA’s national vice president from 2009 to 2011.

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Professional affiliations aside, the current GM/CEO, National Theatre, credited with inventing the Facekuerade Theory, is an accomplished academic and intellectual. He hasn’t relented since starting his academic career in 1993. He has left golden footprints at the University of Ilorin and University of Maiduguri where he was until President Muhammadu Buhari appointed him GM of the National Theatre on Wednesday. read more


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