Sunday Baba

  • General Manager/CEO
  • National Theatre
  • Nigeria
  • having Years of Experience
  • with Couple of Projects

This National icon

The National Theatre, standing majestically in the heart of Lagos, exudes an unbeatable beauty. This iconic building remains symbolic in the cultural and political history of our great country Nigeria.
No doubt, the complex which contains several halls, lobbies, office spaces, is a most convenient and conducive environment for exhibition and display of all forms of artistic and cultural packages: film, stage, musical, circus shows, arts exhibitions, conferences etc.
You are invited to visit the National Theatre, Lagos.

Work Experience


This iconic figure has served in quite a number of management capacity. from a somewhat grassroot state to this iconic stage in his career. However, much still left to be desired.

Information, Arts & Culture

The Ag.GM’s love for information, arts and cultures has continued to provide him the motivation and strength needed to excite the spark in an organization like the National Theatre.


Civil service
Private sector
Information, Arts, Culture